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Martin MenzelMartin Menzel
08:11 04 Mar 23
A fantastic product, perfect workmanship, great support! The delivery time of our eight Blinos roller blinds was sensational at 7 days. The assembly, even of the 2m high roller blinds, is child's play. You didn't promise too much and we're happy.Many manufacturers of permanently installed systems can learn a few slices here.Chapeau!
10:46 04 Oct 22
I have two blinos, a window and a patio door, in use.The configurator is easy to understand and the delivery time is very short.The assembly and installation can be completed in ten minutes. Noticeable effect!Aside from the black plastic parts complained about in the reviews, which "looked very ugly on the room side with a white frame": if the frame of the window sash is not flush with the outer frame of the window (which should be the case with most windows), it falls on the room side nothing in sight. See pictures 3 (closed) and 4 (opened)
Marie LabellMarie Labell
06:56 30 Jun 22
Unfortunately, the design of the product is not yet mature, since the white frame contains black plastic parts that are very unattractive on the room side. That definitely needs to be improved. In any case, the view through is very good: It was important to us that you don't "bunker" yourself in the way that is the case with roller shutters (completely dark/no view through). However, our expectation was that the product would also offer a certain level of glare protection, which unfortunately is not fulfilled. Therefore, we now had to additionally install pleated blinds in the area of ​​the desk and the TV, which annoys us a bit now. In any case, the relatively high price is apparently paid for the screw-free click assembly system, if you are not dependent on it, you can get away with other providers (outside roller blinds/vertical awnings) at a third of the price much cheaper. The assembly on the 4th floor was very "adventurous" and with us (window sizes W100xH140cm) it was not entirely safe to do even with 2 men. To be on the safe side, the outside area on the ground floor should therefore not be accessible during assembly, because it's (perhaps) only quite as "easy" as shown in the advertising video with smaller window sizes. Nevertheless, it's relatively fast, you have to hand it to the developers.
joerg proftjoerg proft
18:40 19 May 20
All I can say is AWESOME!!! Everything is as described. The ordering process alone was so great! With the help of the measurement description, it was easy to determine the required dimensions! We have a small house and the dimensions are really not standard. Nevertheless, everything worked without any problems! The roller blinds arrived after just 8 days from Austria. Top packed, with clear instructions for installation including labeling for the different rooms. The installation was easy to handle and it looks so clever - as if the blinds simply belong to the house - really professional! The great thing about it is that you have privacy from the outside and can look outside from the inside. Not like other variants, where you then sit completely in the dark. We are so glad we chose these blinds. Now the summer including the sun can come!Kudos to the inventor and the really great website! We can really only recommend anyone who is planning such a project to take up this idea and install these blinds - everything else is wasted money for us! A huge thank you to the company for the great idea, the great implementation and the smooth process!Best regards from BerlinFamily Proft
John Werner-GibneyJohn Werner-Gibney
12:43 30 Apr 20
We found this product on Google and when we checked then description it fitted all of our needs, so we filled in the online forms for our windows, admittedly it took a little time and we needed accurate measurements, but before we would send and order, I had a couple of minor qustsions which I put to the company in English and we were answered almost immediatley. One of the questions was, would spares be available for the forseeable future? the answer was that they arae attached to a large window manufacturer who has been trading for many years, so I was happy with that., we ordered and sent our money via a bank transfer and waited, less than 2 weeks later , the blinds arrived mid morning by carrier.I beagan assembly immediately and was very pleased to see the high quality of the product and the ease with which it was assembled.No 1 window on the 3rd floor was cleaned and we set about installing, this was actually terrifying, I aattached a flat strap around the blind cassette and secured it to a heavy sofa for security, but it all went in very smoothly without any problems. the rest followed on very easily, the most difficult job was cleaning the frames of their accumulated grime.5 blinds were assembled and installed in 2 1/2 hours and they look very good and work well, we are now hoping for a much cooler summer in our flat thanks to Blinos.

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