BLINOS – heat protection for retrofitting

BLINOS – insect screen

The outdoor roller blind for comfortable room temperatures when the sun is burning.

BLINOS roller blind - heat protection for retrofitting.

If sunlight passes through the window pane unhindered, it is largely converted into heat in the living space and heat builds up. Even interior roller blinds do not help, because the sunlight has already passed through the window pane. Efficient heat protection without air conditioning units is only possible if the sun's rays - and thus the heat - do not reach the window pane in the first place.

But what to do in rented apartments?

Often landlords do not agree to the retrofitting of external sun protection because the building structure or the windows would be damaged.

BLINOS is the answer!

The BLINOS external roller blind is the optimal and cost-effective alternative for heat protection in rented apartments. It keeps the rooms cool without darkening. It lets sunlight through and keeps the heat out. The BLINOS roller blind fits on the most common windows, is easy to install and convinces with quality.

The BLINOS outdoor roller blind - now also as insect screen

Brightly lit rooms and open windows are a welcome invitation for insects. But who wants to have them in their home? The BLINOS insect screen not only keeps away unwanted guests such as wasps, gnats, flies or spiders, the high-quality fabric also allows plenty of fresh air into the house and apartment.

The tear-resistant plastic-coated fiberglass fabric is not only extremely stable and durable, it also offers perfect visibility to the outside and is hardly noticeable.

Do without environmentally harmful chemicals from gel plug and mosquito spray, which pollute your health. The BLINOS insect screen works pollutant-free and sustainable against the small uninvited guests.

Especially in rooms without direct sunlight, the BLINOS insect screen roller blind is the suitable solution to let as much light as possible into the room.

Enjoy a restful sleep with open windows, completely without visits from mosquitoes & Co.

Just like the BLINOS roller blind, the BLINOS insect screen is custom-made from high-quality, powder-coated aluminum profiles.

The BLINOS roller blind in detail

Click on the image for a larger view of all relevant dimensions.


BLINOS solar protection fabric allows about 20% of daylight into the room despite the efficient heat protection.

With the insect screen fabric, the room remains unchanged bright.

In the picture: sun protection (left) and insect protection (right) fabric.

Without tools. Without damage. With a lot of effect.

The BLINOS roller blind consists of four frame profiles that are supplied pre-assembled. They only have to be plugged together - without any tools. The four supplied clamping angles are specially adapted to your installation situation. They are inserted into the frame and the BLINOS roller blind can be installed in the window. You will also find an operating aid among the accessories, the use of which we recommend for particularly high windows.

The innovation

The innovative clamping mechanism ensures that the roller blind holds securely. You clamp the roller blind in the window frame in two directions. With a few simple steps, the roller blind stays in place. You operate the BLINOS roller blind by hand when the window is open. To do this, grab the fabric at the handle (below the roller blind box) and pull it down. The automatic lock at the bottom end fixes the fabric in the closed state. When you want to open the roller blind, simply press the handle bar and release it. The roller blind moves back to the starting position independently and braked.

Make your home your feel-good zone

  • Individual: The roller blind is supplied made-to-measure in the color of your choice.
  • Illuminating: Whether sun or insect protection: The fabric color is selected so that daylight can still enter the living space.
  • Far-sighted: A good view to the outside is also given when the roller blind is closed.
  • Simple: The external roller blind is simply clamped into the window frame.
  • Fast: No tools are required for installation - unpack, put together, clamp, done.
  • Legally compliant: Neither the facade nor the window are damaged during installation.
  • Environmentally friendly: The sun blind replaces the energy-guzzling fan or air conditioner.

Measurement and assembly service

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We can help you with the measurement of your windows for the BLINOS roller blinds. This service costs € 118.- incl. VAT & travel flat rate per housing unit. We can also do the installation for you (€ 198.- incl. VAT & travel flat rate per housing unit). Please enter your contact details here, we will contact you an appointment.

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