General information

With a municipal council resolution dated December 19, 2019, the City of Vienna awards grants for the installation of sun protection devices in multi-storey residential buildings (municipal housing, subsidized or privately financed housing).

The building permit must have been issued at least 20 years ago. In the case of attic apartments that are expanded at a later date, the time of the building permit applies.

Who can submit the application?

  • Tenants, beneficiaries, owners of an apartment in a multi-storey residential building (collective application by homeowners is possible)
  • Wiener Wohnen or building associations, which were recognized as non-profit in the sense of the Non-Profit Housing Act, in the course of residential building renovations according to Section II of the WWFSG 1989

Tenants of community flats must apply to Wiener Wohnen for a permit. The approval depends on the circumstances in each individual case.

There is no funding for assembly in private homes, allotment houses, terraced houses or business premises.

You can apply for funding online. Please note the documents required for this.

For the online application you need the "Declaration from the landlord". You must fill out and sign the landlord's declaration. You can then upload this as an attachment to the online form.

Declaration by the landlord

Online application

You must submit the application and all necessary documents to the Housing Subsidy Department and Arbitration Board for Housing Law Matters. After the test and if the test result is positive, you will receive a letter of completion. The accounting and tax department transfers the funding in the form of a one-off grant.

Technical requirements

According to MA25, the BLINOS roller blind meets all the necessary technical criteria and is therefore classified as eligible for funding.

A quality certificate from the manufacturer is not required.

Deadlines and appointments

Applications for funding can be submitted until December 31, 2025.

Funding is awarded after the BLINOS roller blind has been installed. The invoice may not be more than 6 months old on the day the application is submitted.

Required documents

You must enclose the following documents with the application form:

  • Invoice that may not be more than 6 months old on the day the application is submitted: The date of the invoice is decisive.
  • Consent of the house owner for the installation of the sun protection device

Cost, payment & duration

The City of Vienna can grant a one-time grant of 50% of the costs, but a maximum of € 1,500 per residential unit.

The disbursement of funding is based on the available budget. There is no legal entitlement to this grant.

The processing time is approx. 8 weeks if you have submitted all documents in full.

Additional information

A regulation of this funding on the basis of an implementation ordinance according to Chapter II of the WWFSG 1989 ends the funding campaign prematurely.

You are obliged to comply with all official and legal requirements and conditions in connection with the installation of the sun protection.

Legal basis: City council resolution of December 19, 2019


Responsible Bodies

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