The birth of BLINOS

It all started on a hot summer day in 2013. The two inventors and company founders were groaning under the heat. Their own apartment resembled a sauna more than a comfortable home. A sunshade was needed. Since they both live in rented apartments, it quickly turned out to be a tricky business. Requirements from the co-op, tenant rights laws, costs. After months of research, they had not found an affordable and compliant solution to their problem.

But an own idea in the head.

The starting signal for BLINOS was given. The first prototypes were built in the company's own garage, and later further optimized with the help of prototype builders and industrial designers. What was born as an idea for personal use quickly took on larger dimensions. The resourceful founders realized that they were not alone with this problem and that many apartment tenants suffer from the heat in summer. A well thought-out business plan and good contacts to business angels formed the solid basis for further steps. Tenacious, persistent and with the vision to create "more quality of life", the two young entrepreneurs went their way. Several startup competitions, awards and funding later, they are where they are today: in a partnership with the company Schlotterer Sonnenschutz Systeme GmbH, the largest supplier of non-textile sun protection in Austria.

BLINOS means

  • 100% made in Austria
  • 100% quality
  • 100% heart and soul for more quality of life

BLINOS creates quality of life

We live our vision. Because for us, quality of life is simply part of it. Because we see it as our task to increase the quality of life in homes, especially rental homes. Independent of paragraphs, regulations and financial means. We detect needs in the area of sun protection solutions and look for innovative solutions for them. In doing so, we focus on customer benefits. Our outdoor blinds are made for easy use, for everyone. Anyone can overengineer. We work on the idea until it is perfect. And for us, perfection is not achieved when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to leave out. Less is more.

We are committed...

...for more quality of life, more joie de vivre, more feeling at home.

Stefan Hofinger, CEO

has most recently worked as an innovation manager for technical products. He knows what it takes to lift a product out of its cradle and make it fly. He also applies these core competencies to BLINOS.

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